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Weekend in NYC
Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had a blast in the greatest city in the world this past weekend - Manhattan!!! There is such an amazing enegy there, I couldn't describe it. Not to mention all the unusual things that happen and are considered commonplace. It's wild - and I love it! This weekend was actually a Christmas present that I had given my Mother. I gave her tickets to a Broadway show and sprang for two nights in a hotel. All in all a fun weekend.

We went to the best antiques show which is now in Hell's Kitchen. You can get some good bargains there - it's always good for some bit of junk. We also went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent most of our time with the 20th Century artists and wore ourselves out very quickly.

Also, we saw a musical called "Avenue Q" - Soooo bloody funny! I thought it was great!!!! It may have puppets in it, but is is NOT for kids! The button above is a song from the show. (It was a donation to fighting AIDS, and with a slogan like that - how could I resist?!) I have it up at work - helps to get me through the day.

On the last day, we stopped at the site of the World Trade Center attacks. Still very poignant. I was moved by it yet again.... I will have to post about that seperately.

On a brighter note, I scored what is, to me, the handbag of handbags. I had wanted one forever and maybe the "let's live in the moment" feeling you get visiting the WTC site got to me - I'm not sure, but I finally did it. Yes, ladies & gents, I now own a Pucci handbag. If that doesn't mean anything to you - there is no way I could totally explain it. Let's just say Emilio Pucci was a designer central to the 1960s, very popular, and very expensive. Although this bag was fairly reasonable for a designer bag since I got it at Century 21. It started out at $465!!!!!! (I did NOT pay anywhere near that!) I see Pucci and I covet it. Big time. But no more. It is mine now. Feast your eyes.................

Dah-ling, Is this bag not totally ME?!

OK - You can stop laughing now! ;{     I REALLY like LOVE this bag!!

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