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Book ready to be Designed!
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oooooooohhhh! My book is ready for desiging! I finished with the last of the captions and whatnot and now the editor tells me that she is going to submit it for design! That's where the layout, you know, the size of each picture and how many on a page, etc is decided. When they are done with that (who knows how long it will take) they will send me another copy of the draft - with pics this time - and I have to check it over to be sure the right photo is with the right caption and all that jazz. But now I have to wait. And wait.

Sink Update
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oopsy daisy - guess what got fixed while I was at work today....? But I am still not giving up my paper plates!!!!

The Sink is Still Sunk

Still no kitchen sink - I know the main plumber is on vacation, but is there no other plumber available on this entire Island?
Today is eight days and counting...

Hooray for paper plates!!! :)

Pretty little beads...
Monday, August 29, 2005

As promised - here are the pics!

My camera is really not the best - but aren't they just soooo cute!

Well, I'm off to make more now....!!

Stitch Marker Madness

OK - in under two days, I have created about 60 stitch markers in various sizes, shapes, and colors. I could never use them all. I am clearly a few onion rings short of a Big Mac.

They ARE pretty, though - I'll post a pic later.

Stitch Markers
Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hey - I've just learned how to create my own beaded stitch markers! I am so pleased!! It was really easy - I bought a small stash of beads last night and I made somthing with each of them today and now I'm off to AC Moore for more ...pun intended... :)
I NEED TO MAKE MORE - I don't know what I'm gonna do with them though, I'm not even knitting anything that requires them - ha!

All this and the Kitchen Sink too
Saturday, August 27, 2005

So, since Tuesday, I haven't had a kitchen sink. I was washing a few things in said sink and my bare feet started to get wet. At first I thought I was just being sloppy, but then I heard water under the sink - and puddle city! There's an actual hole in the pipe - how lovely. The plumber my landlord uses is on vacation and they are trying to locate another, but here it is Saturday eve and still no usable sink.
It's a good thing I made a decision a long time ago to wash the least amount of dishes I could - meaning paper plates, plastic utensils and paper cups. And no, I don't really cook so there are no pots to wash either.
LOL - you know, I hardly even miss the sink......!

Book Update
Monday, August 22, 2005

How about another pic from the book.... This sheet is for The Beatles "Twist and Shout" only this one is from Germany, hence the funny title.

Editing has already been started and I received the galleys back from the publisher - which means the manuscript has been typeset. All the words are there, but not much else. It was my job to review what was written and check for errors, either that I had made or that the publisher made. Found more of mine than theirs! It was a lot of work, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

Bitch Session

I had to stay an extra hour & a half tonight for no real reason because my coworker couldn't get a message from our boss right! If she had just managed to relay to me what he asked for, I could have taken care of it in 10 minutes. But that was apparently WAY over her head so I had to wait for him to be free from his meeting (which took forever). Am I the only one who gives a damn!?!?

Sigh........ OK - I'm better now :) lol

The Perfect Weekend - Yarn & Antiques!
Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back from my little trip with treasures in hand! Went to two yarn stores - one was really great (although small) very nice people and helpful too. Bought three balls of Jolt yarn from Skacel in kind of a khaki green and tan for 5 bucks each AND I had a 10% coupon - too cool. The other yarn store, wasn't. What I mean is that I thought it would be a yarn store and it turned out to be a needlepoint store. Very disappointing...

I also got to do a bit of antiquing - found a great bar glass in blues and greens for the kitchen and an ashtray with a Union Jack! Groovy!

Knitting Ramblings...
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So, I'm new to knitting - about 3-4 months now - and I think it's the greatest thing! In just a short time I've found so many great patterns and so much OUTRAGEOUS YARN that I just want to be knitting all the time and make every sweater & coat I see. Of course, I've only managed a couple of scarves and shawl so far, but I'm getting there.... Quite honestly, it's really nice to have a hobby that doesn't keep me connected to the computer all the time. Knitting is so portable - and you can do it by candlelight if the power goes out - LOL! And I've met some wonderful people at a weekly SnB too!
I'm going on a mini vacay this weekend and now I get the fun of deciding what projects to pack!! I plan on visiting a few new yarn stores as well - wheee!

About the book!

Yes - that's right - I wrote a book! Actually, it's more like a price guide/reference book. It's all about my sheet music collection. I have over 750 individual, vintage pieces from the 1960s. I turned in the manuscript this past April and it is being edited now. It should be published early next spring - I can't wait! I know I'll never get rich or famous from this book, but it is a really great experience! Totally worth all the time and EFFORT!
The picture is just one of the 630 sheets that actually made it into the final draft - it's from the United Kingdom.
Who would have guessed it - me, an author. Very cool.

Second Try
Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well, I don't hate it yet - will have to try to remember some html to get this thing crankin'

What am I doing here...?

Ok - I'm new to blogging - figured I'd give this a shot and join the 21st century. I guess I have to make one post to see how it all works - If I like it, I'll be back - LOL

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