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Maybe this is why I say good morning to the birds...
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Did you know that the Universe speaks to me on a daily basis? Yes, I get emails from it everyday and it tells me constantly how happy it is that it created me. No I am not kidding. Try it for yourself - Tut.
Although I seriously wish it would stop using my name. I know this makes it very personal, but I always feel like I am getting yelled at :)

My daily note from the Universe:

Did you know, Valerie, that if you can see a cloud, it can see you?

Same for trees.

And beauty.

The Universe

...and yes, I really do say good morning to the birds and the squirrels, etc. Must be an old Snow White complex (LOL) but it is a really nice way to start the day, communing with nature and all that.

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