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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I love 'em!! Not the kind of book that tells you 'how to lose weight' or 'how to apply make-up', but the kind that gives you inspiration to do wonderful little things for yourself, your family, and your friends.

One of my favorites has always been "Wear More Cashmere" by Jennifer Sanders. It has 151 ways to pamper yourself. Now, nobody I know has the time to do all of them, but even adding a few of these suggestions into your daily routine is fun and makes you feel special. Some of the ideas cost a little (like actually wearing more cashmere or buying high thread count bed sheets), but many don't (like turning off the phone for a night and enjoying some down time). In any case, they are all designed to enrich your life in some small way. I highly recommend it!

And while we're on the subject, I just picked up a new book called "The Joy of Doing Things Badly" by Veronica Chambers. What a great title! And check out the picture on the cover:

She's KNITTING!! OK, the sweater has three arms, but who here hasn't been down the "OOPS" road while knitting?! And that's just the point - it's OK to not be perfect, the idea is to try different things and embrace the challenge. How cool. I haven't started to read this one yet, but I couldn't resist posting about it when I saw the knitting on the cover!

Now pretend I'm your own personal "Daily Om" and go do something nice for yourself today!   :)   You DESERVE IT!

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