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Joyce's 80s Party - Part 1
Monday, June 05, 2006

My friend Joyce is having a birthday this week - Tuesday 6/6 to be exact. (And while we're on the subject, so is Mary! Yes, same day!!) So Joyce is having a Themed Birthday Party the Saturday. The theme? The 80s!

Once I made it past the concept that my youth was now a theme party (am I the only one feeling old here?) I settled in and started to choose a costume - I can NEVER resist playing dress up! Was I going to dress early 80s, late 80s, Madonna 80s..... what???? I was trying to avoid the obvious, which was to duplicate how I actually dressed as a teenager. ROCKER CHICK. Yes, that was me. Heavy metal, black leather, short skirts, chains, the whole deal. I had left that long behind and it seemed more fun to create a whole different look this time.

Well, I worked at it, but it didn't hold. Stupid VH1 was having a "Metal Month" and they showed a documentary about the music, etc., and my interest was peaked. So I dug out my old denim jacket, the back painted with a poor representation of Steve Vai's "Passion and Warfare" album cover, almost every available inch crammed with a metal stud of some sort. And unfortunately, it still fit. It is so atrocious, it's downright embarassing. I can't believe I ever wore it and wore it proudly (it's autographed by Steve, by the way). But it is so perfectly, horribly 80s (even early 90s) that I was hooked. Someday, when I'm old and grey and dead, Goodwill will come and clean out my house and get beaucoup bucks for it because it is such a perfect representation of that era.

Funny thing is, I am starting to enjoy all this 80s stuff. I pulled all the 80s metal CDs from the shelf and loaded them onto my iPod. Now I spend all available time rocking out to Skid Row, Warrant, Poison, LA Guns, Lita Ford, Whitesnake, et al. I also dug out about 6 video tapes with dozens of heavy metal videos dating from about 1988 to 1991. One more awful than the other: the posing, the leather, the tight pants, the HAIR, THE EXCESS! OH MY GOD - I LOVE IT!!!!! The whole thing was a gigantic male fantasy and I loved watching it and playing along, or at least pretending to. Man, I am having so much fun and I haven't even gotten to the party yet!

Thank you Joyce! What a GREAT idea for a party!! I can't wait!

This will have to stop of course, once the party is over. It's getting quite silly, especially with all the silver jewelry I've pulled from the bottom of the box. And the hat, wait till you see that. But for now, it's a hellava lot of fun!

Pictures? No way! Not until after the party!!...

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