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Wonderful Weekend!!
Monday, May 08, 2006

Geez - I was so busy this weekend and all in such a good way - I can't tell you how much fun I had!!! First, you should know that I bought a new cell phone and I am very captivated by it :) It is my first new cell phone in FIVE YEARS! (Yes, you read that right) So I felt I could splurge on a new gadget and I got the light pink RAZR. It is so much fun. I still haven't figured out how to work everything but I show it to everybody as if no one had ever seen a cell phone before! LOL!
Anyway, just as I'm buying the phone, I get a call from Beney. She and Joyce were heading to Tanger Outlets to help Beney find a suit to defend her Master's Thesis (GOOD LUCK BENEY!!!). So I finished with Verizon and drove out to meet them. Beney had pretty much found the suit by the time I arrived, but it took the rest of the day to find a shell for underneath! We had a great time going in all the stores. Joyce and I bought the same iPod cover in Coach. Hot pink leather for less than $10.00! In Coach!! That will never happen again!

I was also "talked into" purchasing the grooviest of groovy overnight bags by both of them - but I probably couldn't have resisted anyway.... I put all the Manos I purchased for my blanket inside of it, which is like 12-14 skeins, so it's pretty big. And, of course, it's SOOOOOO me!

On Sunday, I was honored to spend the day with Missy and her beautiful baby. It was a wonderful experience. I have never really spent time with a little one like that before. Pushing her stroller, playing with her toys, holding her hands while she walked - it was all very different and special to me. We went to see Viktoria and Nancy at a street fair in Islip and we had the perfect day for it. Vik sold a bunch of books and her DH Yan stopped by and brought her brand new little love Ethan! What a doll!! So little, but he has big blue eyes! Missy has a pic of the momentous occasion of the first meeting of Ethan and Chloe! Hope she posts it soon!

Thanks to Joyce and Beney for a fun shopping day and double thanks to Missy for the privledge of spending the day with her and the Empress.

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