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Beatles & Book Signings (!?)
Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, this week was supposed to be a "catch up" week, but for the most part, that has had to wait.
I had one thing to do this comming weekend and I crazily decided to add another and I have been preparing for both since Monday night.

1) Beatlefest! Otherwise known as "The Fest for Beatle Fans". Yes, I am a geek! I am not a crazed Beatle fan however. I like the Beatles, but just as much as the next person, no more. But this Fest is so much fun! It's a bizarre little microcosm of society, with people laughing and singing songs all over the place. The first time I went, I said I would never go back... I have been back almost every year since! Often, they have "celebrities" (and I use the term loosely) who have known the Beatles over the years. I find this is a good way to get autographs! I have met.... Well, you probably won't know most of them anyway, but this year I get to meet Peter & Gordon who sang "World Without Love" - which is very cool to me!! So that's Friday & Saturday. On Sunday April 2nd....

2) Book Signing! At the The Long Island Book & Ephemera Fair in Garden City, 11:00a to 4:00p. Well, this may not turn out to be what I thought it was going to be, but as I say a lot lately, I think the experience is worth the trouble. I heard there was going to be an antique show and book fair together, with authors signing their books. Soooooo, I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon. It was last minute, since I only found out about the show last Friday, but what the heck! I ordered some extra books and dug out a nice tablecloth and I'm ready to go. I just hope I get some nibbles :) I'm afraid the crowd might be a bit too into older things than what is represented in my book to be interested in it. Nothing is sadder than a person offering an autograph and not having any takers - it's pathetic, I know, I've seen it before :):):) This will be a real test of my self confidence... LOL!!!!
If I get any kind of positive response at all, I may get the guts to approach BORDERS, now THAT would be cool!

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