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Hello groovy people!
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes about the loss of COLA. The fact that you took the time to post or email about her means a lot. {{{Hugs}}} to you all!

On a brighter note, I am up to the decreases on the front of THE SWEATER! Yea! In a day or two that will be done (depending on how much time I have) and then on to the sleeves! I'd post a pic, but it looks exactly like the back so if you're curious, scroll down a bit! I've never knit a sweater before so each task is a milestone. I am enjoying the process which I think is just as important as the finished product!

I currently have 4 UFOs on my needles: THE SWEATER (gift/Mom), a scarf (gift/Uncle), a totebag for felting (gift/Aunt) and a candy cane scarf for me. Guess which one stands the least chance of getting done...! lol

By the way, I am feeling NO LOVE for the tote bag. The colors I chose (in order to keep it neutral) ugh - are so boring! Just dark grey with a little burst of color here and there. I think I may change the neutral idea to, I don't know, maybe RED! (Hmmm, I may even have some yarn for that already...) If I knit something I don't like, not only is it more work, but it becomes harder to give as a gift. I had better make a decision one way or the other by this weekend or I won't have time to finish it!!

Cola Bear
Sunday, November 27, 2005

Her name was actually "Cola", but I couldn't help adding the Bear on the end because she was the sweetest, most gentle dog - kinda like a Teddy Bear. She belonged to my ex-husband, or rather my ex-husband's father for 18 years and she had to be put down last Friday. My ex just gave me a call to let me know. (We are still friends although we don't talk too much, but that is another post)
I loved her as if she was my own and she lived with us for a time while we were married. She outlived my own dog, (Sam, the German Shepard) who passed away in 2000 at the age of 11, and it was good to have her around during that time. Hard to believe I'm eulogizing a dog, but she was part of my life since 1992 and I miss her very much. This has been a tough couple of days (again, another post) and talking with my ex is always emotional, this is just the topper. I think I really need a good cry, which I seem to be doing quite nicely, and then go to bed. Things will be better in the morning - they always are. Except my eyes will be puffy, they always get puffy in the am after I cry at night. LOL You watch, they will be, I'd take a picture and post it if I had the guts - hahahahaha. OK, a good laugh in the middle of it all, that's important.

Miss you Cola. Say 'Hi' to Sam for me. Play nice.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Boy, have I been totally lazy about posting! And I don't think I will get the chance tomorrow, so Happy Turkey Day!! (early) My office is closed Thursday & Friday and I am taking Monday off - Lots of shopping ahead! I need to get gifts for all five cousins (3 girls ages 19 to 23, and 2 boys ages 2 & 4). Shouldn't be too hard. Then stuff for my Mom. Lots of gifts for her. Although, I'm not quite sure what they will be after THE SWEATER, of course.

Aunt and Uncle are also getting knitted gifts 'cause I NEVER know what to buy for them, it's always a problem. This year, he is getting a really nice handmade scarf (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk) and she is getting a felted tote bag (Noro Silk Garden & Galway) since she is always complimenting my felted bags. This is win-win for me. Their gifts are all picked out without too much fretting (except for the scarf, but that's another post) and I get the pleasure of knitting them!

Will probably get quite a bit of work done on them between Thursday & Friday. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my Mom and I can't knit for her while she is around, so I will knit for my Aunt & Uncle instead. Also helping her put up the tree on Thurs. I get to lug the boxes up the stairs and help assemble the tree. Then she can decorate while I knit! (yea) Also no extraneous relatives this year (double yea!)

And in honor of Thanksgiving, I will say, that while life is not ever quite what I think it should be - I am VERY LUCKY and I have MUCH to be thankful for. My health, first and foremost. The health of my family and friends. A reasonably good job, a little money in the bank, my own place where I am supporting myself, and some wonderful new knitting friends (or should I say, "friends that knit") that have really added a dimension to my life that I did not have before. All in all, not bad, huh? And getting better all the time!! WOO HOO!!


Why do I have to be so darn popular? LOL
Friday, November 18, 2005

LOL - Boy, is THAT something I never thought I would be saying! Even if it is A JOKE!
Can someone please explain this to me? Don't the people I work with know I have knitting to do? *-big grin-* Everytime I think I am going to devote my lunch hour to important Christmas knitting, someone asks me to join them. Are they subversive? Can they read my mind? And, yes, I know I can politely turn them down, and on occasion, I have. But it is always to long faces and fake disappointment "See if I ever ask you to lunch again". Ugh.

I do find the stupidest things to complain about - last night it was that the comfy chair at Panera was interfering with my knitting since the long needles were hitting the poofy chair arms. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive about my knitting! Now I am making myself laugh - I am such a geek!

And you KNOW, that if no one was asking then I would be complaining about THAT! I really need a good talking to! HAHAHAHAHA... I wouldn't listen anyway...

*UPDATE* - 2 minutes after I posted this, someone ELSE asked me to lunch! I think it is a conspiracy! Really, there could be no other reason.

Me? A Knitting Teacher?!?
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last night I had the opportunity to help out Rebecca teach her students to knit. The whole evening was a lot of fun! Missy & Jeannette were also there and Dani offered to drive me out to the Church which was very cool 'cause not only did I get to spend some extra time with her, but I got to meet one of the most wonderful doggies - Trinity! She's HUGE, but the most lovable pup you could ever meet.

As for the teaching, I started out a little rough (just because you know a subject, does NOT automatically make you a good TEACHER). But I got better as the night went on and I do think both girls actually learned how to knit! They were doing pretty good when I left. If I ever have the opportunity to teach again, I will be a little better at it - Hey, I guess I learned something too! Yea!

First Sweater Pics

Doesn't look much like a sweater does it...? :) Well, it's getting there. Hopefully tonight I can put a couple of hours work into it. That is, if I don't fall asleep first! Ha! Too much to do - no sleeping! We'll see.....

Sweater - 11" and Counting!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The sweater is coming along nicely. I'm at about 11+ inches on the back - I have to get to 14 before I can begin the armhole & neck shaping. It's not going as fast as I'm used to since it is being knit on 9's and I am used to MUCH larger needles! LOL...
I knit whenever I can, a few rows at a time. Problem is, it's for my Mom and she is beginning to wonder why I haven't started the gifts I plan to knit for my Aunt & Uncle.... Um... Lazy? Can't tell HER I'm busy knitting HER Christmas present. I will just have to do them all at once - so what's wrong with 3 UFOs at one time... (4 if you count the C-Mas scarf I am making for myself, but let's not count that)

Christmas is so NOT my favorite holiday. Last year, I really didn't decorate, just put up the Nativity and my stocking and I think that was it. Too much money spent on too much stuff. I like the idea of a handmade gift, but I wish I had started a little earlier, like March! I have given myself from Thanksgiving to the first weekend in December to get the rest of my shopping done. That way, maybe I can ENJOY the season for once!

Cranky Today...
Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cranky, cranky, cranky..... Headache, backache, PMS, ugh - stay away from me!

On a somewhat lighter note, I started knitting a sweater as a Christmas present for my Mom last night. I bought the yarn in the beginning of October so I would have three months to make it. And what day is it today...? This leaves me what, six weeks? Maybe I can do it. If not, then maybe I'll give it to her for MY birthday which is in February. I mean, she did have something to do with the fact that I am here - LOL
64 stitches cast on and one row knit. I'll let you know how it goes....

Hey SP - I am using the stitch markers you gave me to help with the sweater. They fit perfectly on my size 9 needles! Thanks!

Secret Pal Strikes Again!
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

LOOK what I got in the mail yesterday!!

And YES, it came all the way from South Africa again! Too cool! The picture has a funny color to it, but I tried to capture the gifties as well as the stamps. Prettiest little birds on them and they're not even cancelled - too bad I'm not a philatelist, LOL!
This package had the cutest little cow card, tea bags in two different flavors (which I'm dying to try) AND the most darling little stitch markers I have ever seen. So different, I never would have thought of making anything like that! I really LOVE them. No, really. I can't wait to use them!

Thank you so much SP and thanks too, to your SP helper so far away!

Hey Nancy!
Monday, November 07, 2005

Yes - Of course I will bring the pattern this Thursday. (I posted here because I wasn't sure how to respond to you - do you have a blog?)

In any case, that little bear is knit in "Reverse Stockinette" - can someone please explain the purpose of Reverse Stockinette - why I couldn't simply knit in stockinette and turn it around....?

Hmmmmm? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Zoidberg! Knitting!!
Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ha! Isn't this the COOLEST!? Couldn't resist posting it. I also love the annoyed expression on his face. I looked just like that this Saturday on the way back from NYC with no place to sit on the train. So I stood. And knitted. Yes, knitting standing up. Good thing knitting is a lightweight, portable hobby. I held my bag of yarn between my knees so I didn't have to rest it on the dirty train floor. Must have been quite a sight - LOL. But I was undeterred.

I was in the City for the greatest antique show on the planet. The Triple Pier Antiques Show! The prices aren't too good (in fact, most of the time, they're terrible) but you can see some rare, beautiful, unusual items that are normally only seen in books. You will be coveting what you see there for long after you leave. I always am.

Here's a bad pic of the flower pins I bought. I've got over 200+ but I keep forgetting to keep track when I get new ones. Maybe there's another book in here somewhere. Well, not for a while yet anyway....

Tag! I'm It!
Friday, November 04, 2005

I was tagged by Rebecca ! This is my very first offical "tagging" - LOL Thanks Rebecca!

What is your favorite yarn to knit with?
I really don't have a favorite. As long as it's not total c-r-a-p then I think each yarn has it's merrits. How come you don't ask me what's my LEAST favorite yarn to knit with..? :) On that I have an opinion...

Your favorite needles?
Takumis! Even though I might have the size I need in another brand, I always seem to want to knit with those.

The Worst thing you've ever knit?
A bizarre little "rose" - you had to keep increasing and increasing and increasing - it became impossible to work with. And when it was all done, it didn't look like anything anyway...

Your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it, but it was the most fun to knit)
This simple little yarn over scarf pattern. The yarn over made it work up fast and look a bit more complicated than it is.

Most valuable knitting technique?
I don't know if it's a "technique" but I now use straight needles to pick up and knit stitches as I'm joining an object in the round. MUCH better than fighting with the circular needles as they twist and loop.

Best book or magazine?
I enjoy Interweave Knits, but there really is no favorite right now. I find that I usually enjoy a little bit of something from each magazine and book.

Your favorite knitblogs?
You Knit What?? and Knit Retro! OK, OK - a little blatent self-promotion there... lol

Your favorite knit-along?
I've never actually done a KAL - but I very much want to!

Your favorite knit wear desinger?
I don't have a favorite yet.

The item you wear/use the most?
A very colorful scarf I made with some Gedifra Tagliato. Very long (over 6 feet) and very colorful. I've gotten a bunch of compliments on it.

Missy's Shower!

Yes, our SnB group gave Missy a baby shower last night, which is why I kinda couldn't say too much yesterday. I don't know if Missy even reads this blog, but I didn't want to take that chance.

OK - How much fun was that!? What a GREAT night! I really think she was surprised too. Although when she walked in an hour early, we though everything was ruined. Nancy and I jumped up to distract her and everyone else somehow hid the basket, goodies, gift bags, etc. Then I think Mary took a walk with her to Pier 1 to kill time and when they got back she really was surprised!
The clothes line idea was great Jen ! I can't wait to see the pics!
Lots of love and tears - Just an all around wonderful night :)

Here's a before and after of the little teddy bear I knitted as a gift for Chloe (missy's litte girl)

AND...(!) The SnB bunch is planning a holiday party, too! I just can't begin to imagine how much fun that is going to be! Details to follow....

New Socks!

First post of the day - I just found a pair of new socks in the back of my drawer with the tags still on them. Yea! They're not handmade, just store bought. But nothing compares to the experience of squishing around in a never-before-worn pair of socks! I swaer they have a little "bounce" to them - so nice and soft. In just a very short time the squish will be gone, so I just had to share the moment.

Thursday Again! Yea!
Thursday, November 03, 2005

I wait my whole week for Thursdays now. Used to be I was like everyone else and would wait anxiously for Friday and the Weekend, but now my weekend starts early with Stitch N Bitch! Woo Hoo!

And this week we've got some fun stuff going on too - more than the normal fun stuff. There's no point in going into to it now (more tomorrow) but I know there will be much fun and love going around.

Oh, and I did start a special project for tonight's SnB as well. I have taken pics, but can't post them now since I am at work and the pics are at home. They will come tomorrow as well.

Hey - whats all this secrecy about...? LOL

I think I may begin another felted bag tonight. I expect to make them for C-Mas gifts so I have much knitting to do. And whatever happened to that sweater I was going to make as a gift?? I bought the yarn and gave myself 3 months to make it and now I'm down to 2 with only a very nice swatch to show for the time. Knit, girl, KNIT!

South Africa?!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Now this is very cool - a post card directly from South Africa, with warm and sunny greetings!

When I first received it, I just thought it was a groovy little post card, but then for some reason, I looked at the stamp - ...South Africa! So I re-read the whole thing and started wondering... "Is my SP from S. Africa? I though the other post marks said Arizona..." and "Well, maybe she went there on vacation.."

BUT, then I noticed the date - it was written Day/Month/Year and Americans don't write their dates like that, even on vacation! So it had to come from someone who lives there...! Unless, of course, the AZ gifties were the ruse.... ??

Very clever SP, you have "connections"....

Halloween Card

Crazy little Halloween card from my SP! I wasn't so sure about posting the pic, but I think y'all can handle it.

Inside it says "Beware the Full Moon on Halloween" - LOL

Good job SP - it's one that I might have picked to send to someone myself!

And thanks!! ...It was the only Halloween card I actually received!

Official SP6 Day!

I am declaring November 1st "Official SP6 Day!" Half of the fun of the whole SP thingy is in the giving - no really! Receiving is great of course, but giving is fun too. And once you've taken the time to pick out a gift for someone, you want to know it's liked and appreciated. Personally, I love seeing what I picked out for the person I am spoiling on her blog - it's a hoot!

Well my poor SP6 has kind of gotten the short end of the stick this time around and I wanted to make it up to her. Her gift arrived just as I was comming down with the worst cold I've had in years and I never properly thanked her or posted pics.

So here goes - THANK YOU SP! I just love my gifties! The whole package had the theme of learning to crochet - which I want to do very much. First, there are detailed instructions on how to crochet with different stitches and pics to match. Looks easy enough that I might actually be able to do it! Also, there was a crochet hook, some awsome sticky notes, a cute little card with a knitting theme, a pattern for a scarf - and (best for last!) yarn!! Beautiful ORANGE Egyptian cotton yarn - yea!! I've never knitted (or crocheted) with cotton before. AND - the yarn is from Greece. Too cool! I love being able to say "this bag was made with wool from Chile" or "the yarn for this scarf is from Italy" and now I can add Greece to the mix. Groovy.

Thanks again SP - more pics and thanks are on their way!

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