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Beatles & Book Signings (!?)
Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, this week was supposed to be a "catch up" week, but for the most part, that has had to wait.
I had one thing to do this comming weekend and I crazily decided to add another and I have been preparing for both since Monday night.

1) Beatlefest! Otherwise known as "The Fest for Beatle Fans". Yes, I am a geek! I am not a crazed Beatle fan however. I like the Beatles, but just as much as the next person, no more. But this Fest is so much fun! It's a bizarre little microcosm of society, with people laughing and singing songs all over the place. The first time I went, I said I would never go back... I have been back almost every year since! Often, they have "celebrities" (and I use the term loosely) who have known the Beatles over the years. I find this is a good way to get autographs! I have met.... Well, you probably won't know most of them anyway, but this year I get to meet Peter & Gordon who sang "World Without Love" - which is very cool to me!! So that's Friday & Saturday. On Sunday April 2nd....

2) Book Signing! At the The Long Island Book & Ephemera Fair in Garden City, 11:00a to 4:00p. Well, this may not turn out to be what I thought it was going to be, but as I say a lot lately, I think the experience is worth the trouble. I heard there was going to be an antique show and book fair together, with authors signing their books. Soooooo, I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon. It was last minute, since I only found out about the show last Friday, but what the heck! I ordered some extra books and dug out a nice tablecloth and I'm ready to go. I just hope I get some nibbles :) I'm afraid the crowd might be a bit too into older things than what is represented in my book to be interested in it. Nothing is sadder than a person offering an autograph and not having any takers - it's pathetic, I know, I've seen it before :):):) This will be a real test of my self confidence... LOL!!!!
If I get any kind of positive response at all, I may get the guts to approach BORDERS, now THAT would be cool!

Felted SP2 Strikes Again!!
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Awesome, awesome, awsome!!!! My felted SP did a very good job with this box of gifties!
Included were two skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Avocado [side note: I received 2 skeins of the same color from my Fiber Godmother - I sense a felted bag in my future!]; two skeins of Lambs Pride Bulky Superwash in Blaze, which is ORANGE!!; One HUGE skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Natural along with 3 packages each of Kool Aid in orange, green & blue, for what else - Dying! I have never tried this before, but I have been really wanting to. I have even printed out the directions from Knitty already (very cool choice SP!); totally wonderful smelling body scrub and cream in Mandarin - I am posting and then getting in the shower with this scrub!!! It smells SO GOOD!; and last - but BEST is, not one, but two VINTAGE McCalls knitting magazines from the 1960s!!!!!!!!! I collect (among many other things, it seems...) Vintage Knitting Mags - I really have to start knitting vintage! These could not have been too easy to acquire and they are SO appreciated :)

Thank you my Felted SP! Awesome ...Did I say that already? ;) AWESOME gifts!

Weekend in NYC
Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had a blast in the greatest city in the world this past weekend - Manhattan!!! There is such an amazing enegy there, I couldn't describe it. Not to mention all the unusual things that happen and are considered commonplace. It's wild - and I love it! This weekend was actually a Christmas present that I had given my Mother. I gave her tickets to a Broadway show and sprang for two nights in a hotel. All in all a fun weekend.

We went to the best antiques show which is now in Hell's Kitchen. You can get some good bargains there - it's always good for some bit of junk. We also went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent most of our time with the 20th Century artists and wore ourselves out very quickly.

Also, we saw a musical called "Avenue Q" - Soooo bloody funny! I thought it was great!!!! It may have puppets in it, but is is NOT for kids! The button above is a song from the show. (It was a donation to fighting AIDS, and with a slogan like that - how could I resist?!) I have it up at work - helps to get me through the day.

On the last day, we stopped at the site of the World Trade Center attacks. Still very poignant. I was moved by it yet again.... I will have to post about that seperately.

On a brighter note, I scored what is, to me, the handbag of handbags. I had wanted one forever and maybe the "let's live in the moment" feeling you get visiting the WTC site got to me - I'm not sure, but I finally did it. Yes, ladies & gents, I now own a Pucci handbag. If that doesn't mean anything to you - there is no way I could totally explain it. Let's just say Emilio Pucci was a designer central to the 1960s, very popular, and very expensive. Although this bag was fairly reasonable for a designer bag since I got it at Century 21. It started out at $465!!!!!! (I did NOT pay anywhere near that!) I see Pucci and I covet it. Big time. But no more. It is mine now. Feast your eyes.................

Dah-ling, Is this bag not totally ME?!

OK - You can stop laughing now! ;{     I REALLY like LOVE this bag!!

She's Baaaaaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh, yes, fellow bloggers - she's back and just bursting with news and wonderful things!!!!

There is no way I could tell everything at once, but in the upcoming days there will be posts including things such as:

Wonderful package from my Felted SP (long overdue post)
Loot from TWO antique shows
Report from my first "Speaking Engagement" (here's a hint - I Rocked!)
Weekend trip to NYC (Bdwy Show: "Avenue Q")
Visit to the remains of the World Trade Center
Before and after of my next weekend trip: Beatlefest 2006! (can anyone say "GEEK"?)
My first book signing at an antique/ephemera show this weekend

Notice that there is no knitting content here. I haven't knit in weeks! What the HECK?! And it doesn't look too good for this week either... ...sigh... The past couple of weeks of inactivity has really put me behind. Oh well. At least I'm back in the game!

And now, a public apology to my friends who I have neglected a bit these past few weeks. I am sorry for being such a doofus. I hope I will be able to make it up to all of you very soon!!

Whole lotta nothing going on.
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No knitting. No creating. No nothing.

I did zip around the apartment with my new rechargable carpet sweeper for a while on Sunday, but that falls under the concept of "get it done or the health department is going to come after you" rather than an actual accomplishment.

I think the problem is that I have my first "speaking engagement" this Thursday which is related to my book. A co-worker of mine also happens to be a professor at a local University and he teaches, what else, writing. So he has enlisted me as a guest speaker for his class. I agreed to his request right away and was happy to do so, but I have regretted it ever since. I have no trouble speaking in front of people, but I just have no idea what to say that will be of interest to these kids. I really should practice - out loud - what I am going to say, but I so don't want to do this (*pout*) that I am putting that off in a grand display of passive-agressive behavior. Which, of course, means putting off everything else as well.

Is it Friday yet?

FiberGodmother - Reveal!
Monday, March 06, 2006



On Saturday I received my final package from my Fiber Godmother Alicia! She has been quite the awesome Godmother and has far outdone herself with her gifting! Go visit her blog and say HI!

This package included not one, but two boxes of Russel Stover Sugar Free candy!!! That is the way right to my heart - both have already been broken into! There is also a great scented candle in "Orange Lily"; two packages of beads, one in green and one in blue for making stitch markers!! (at least that is what I am going to do with them); cute sock shaped point protectors; a set of needles for weaving in; two pairs of Bamboo needles (#11 and #17) Bamboo is my stick of choice :) and the best is a fabulous book called "The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting" - you're right Alicia, there ARE some very good patterns in here (although I might skip the knitted bikini - LOL!!)

Thank you SO MUCH!! I LOVE everything you have sent me - I know we will remain in touch! :):):)

Project Spectrum!
Friday, March 03, 2006

With all the talk of Knitting Olympics (GOLD by the way, check the medal on the sidebar) and Birthdays (no, I haven't written him yet!) I almost forgot about the fact that I signed up for PROJECT SPECTRUM!

This is a "no pressure project" as Lolly so eloquently puts it in her blog - and thank goodness, I'm done with pressure for awhile!

Each month is assigned a different color (or colors) and you are supposed to create something with that color. The best part is that the project can be in any medium you like: knitting, sewing, beading, drawing, cooking (why not!?) - I think the idea is GREAT!

March is the first month and the colors are Red/Pink. I haven't given too much thought to what I will create, but I am going to enjoy the process, whatever the final result ends up being!

I love color - it's so very much a part of me - I can't wait to get started!

Fiber Godmother - you ROCK!
Thursday, March 02, 2006

I just received another package from my Fiber Godmother!

All I can say is AWESOME! I must admit, when I first opened the package, I was momentarily confused by the seemingly different skeins, two of one kind and one of another - but then I looked at them more closely...

The darker one, in a reddish-brown color is..... YAK! Woo hoo! A yak and merino blend from Karabella yarns. I wish everyone reading now could feel this yarn, it's incredible, thick and soft - I am in LOVE!

The other two, one in red and one in teal are... wait for it..... POSSUM!! I can't stand it! A superwash merino and possum blend from Cherry Tree Hill!! I am beside myself with glee!

My FG did her homework and found that I was desiring to knit with unusual yarns like buffalo, camel, etc. (Buffalo is VERY expensive, by the way. I didn't know that when I mentioned it) So she comes up with Yak & Possum!

FG, You have outdone yourself!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

PS: I'm not sure I will be able to knit the Yak - I am having too much fun squeezing it!! Maybe I will knit the possum into a tote to carry the yak! LOL!

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