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Horses and Alpacas
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So this past weekend I went to Lancaster, PA. Such a quiet little town with lots of farms, cows, and horses. I've taken to going about once a year for a few days. It's very relaxing and entirely strange to not be plugged into a computer or phone.
These horsies below were only a few feet away behind a fence, but look at all the land around them!! How nice! :)

I was there about the same time last year, but it has been quite an eventful year and the knitting bug has firmly taken hold. So this year, I looked up a couple of PA LYS - yea! The first one (Kitnit Needlecrafts) was just OK, ordinary yarn but I got a couple of patterns I had wanted so it wasn't so bad. The OTHER (Labadie Looms) was great! They had a number of yarns from their own brand, so I managed to force myself (yea, right) to get two skeins of some awesome yarn I probably couldn't get anywhere else!
Check out the ALPACA in a gray & black twist!! Yum!!

This stuff is so freakin' soft, I may just leave it as is and make a pillow out of it! It's amazing!

And this I just couldn't resist! It's sock yarn - and I don't knit socks - but I was totally taken with the hand-dyed colorway. It's so unusual and will probably pool a great deal, but I don't care - I love it!

It's half RED and half a blue-purple-lavender mix. Too cool! I wish the pics were better. I will have to start trying to take them outside. But trust me - the colors are beautiful!

Now I have to go and dig out some patterns that call for sock yarn that aren't socks!! LOL :)

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