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Joyce's 80s Party - Part 3
Monday, June 12, 2006

Pics are here!! I have to start bringing my Digital Cam with me 'cause regular pics are great for albums, but they don't scan too well - at least these didn't. But you can sure see how much FUN we had!
We pretended to be teenagers again, so after the party - we went to The Diner! No pics exist of that, too bad though. We exhibited enough drunken rowdiness when we walked in that they sat us in the corner away from the other customers!!

And NO, I do not dress like that normally (but it was so cool, I may consider it!!) It was a reasonable facsimile of what I did look like in 1988/1989, only change the jeans for leggings, the tank top for an oversized shirt, and the cool "I don't give a f@@k" attitude to "Please like me". Ugh. Being a teenager is MUCH BETTER the second time around!!

Mary has some really, really good pics posted here

Me, Mary, Joyce, Viktoria
Check out Joyce's hot pink tights (too bad you can't see her matching hot pink pumps!)

Nancy, Mary, Me, Joyce, Viktoria
Mary gave up the Wham! persona for this pic and is flashing the devil's horns with me! Of course, she does share her birthday with the apocolypse (6/6/06) and Joyce!

Me, Mary, Nancy, Joyce, Viktoria
Look at those legs! They stretch past three people!

Mary & Me (4.5 in a series!)
Notice the phoney bottle of Jim Beam I'm drinking
- filled with diet soda - I couldn't resist! It went so well with the Rocker Chick outfit.

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