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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm belated in just about everythingI do these days, so this should come as no surprise. My darling Felted SP sent me the wonderful gifties shown below and I am only NOW getting around to thanking her for them. And when you take a close look at what I was gifted with you will all attack with cries of "1000 lashes" because the wool is so beautiful it surely must be a crime not posting about it sooner!!
Before I rattle on about the treasures, let me say a BIG belated THANK YOU to my Felted SP Julie. She has gifted me well for the whole exchange and this time was no exception.
OK, Let's start with one word

Usually, I save the best for last when posting about gifts my SPs have sent, but this was just so wonderful - I didn't want to delay the excitment! The 2 skeins (which could possibly be the softest wool ever) are in a blue/green colorway called "Curacao." I am really in love with this wool - it was an EXCELLENT choice!! There is also a row counter, point protectors, a fun water bottle filled with Peach-Mango scented body mist, body cream, shower gel, and pouf!; and finally, there are two lovely balls of Berroco Duo in "Sky"!

Julie - you did a GREAT job!! I apologize if you thought it didn't arrive timely enough. Everything was just wonderful - I am so pleased!!! (I will have to find something special for the Malabrigo :)

And as of this writing, I am officially out of the SP game! For now anyway. I was treated like a QUEEN by all my SPs and I still couldn't get my gifts out on time (which I still feel bad about even though all the recipients seem to be OK with it) nor could I manage to post about receiving a gift promptly, so I am voluntarily removing myself until I can get my sh.., excuse me, act together!

Have fun my darling knitters!!
I have to go prepare for this evening's events...
or should I say "continue preparing!"
More on that tomorrow!!!

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