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Monday, March 06, 2006



On Saturday I received my final package from my Fiber Godmother Alicia! She has been quite the awesome Godmother and has far outdone herself with her gifting! Go visit her blog and say HI!

This package included not one, but two boxes of Russel Stover Sugar Free candy!!! That is the way right to my heart - both have already been broken into! There is also a great scented candle in "Orange Lily"; two packages of beads, one in green and one in blue for making stitch markers!! (at least that is what I am going to do with them); cute sock shaped point protectors; a set of needles for weaving in; two pairs of Bamboo needles (#11 and #17) Bamboo is my stick of choice :) and the best is a fabulous book called "The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting" - you're right Alicia, there ARE some very good patterns in here (although I might skip the knitted bikini - LOL!!)

Thank you SO MUCH!! I LOVE everything you have sent me - I know we will remain in touch! :):):)

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