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Monday, February 20, 2006

Crappity, Crap-Crap!

Last night, after a really great day hanging with my friends at a baby shower for Viktoria, I decided to stop at the food store. Well, the spot I pulled into was a bit tight, so I backed up to straighten out. Naturally, I was looking behind me as that is the direction the car was moving, and I hear crrrrrruuunnncccchhhhh!!!!!

I stopped immediately to see what happened, and there, hanging off my car, is my side view mirror! BROKEN. OFF. Hanging by a wire. Plllffffttt. There was a wooden stake in the ground to mark the end of the row so the snow plow would know where to plow and not hit a curb. And... I hit the stake. Oh well. At least I am OK and no people where harmed and no other cars were involved. It goes to the dealer on Tuesday to be repaired. Just another chapter in "The Adventures of Valerie"

Crap happens... :)

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