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Monday, February 13, 2006

Yea! I've done it - and it's pretty easy too! (and here's a secret - I'm actually really liking it! Egads!) I think it's quite nice and I'm really proud of it.

This is a much better depiction of the true color.

Right now I am trying to decide how many repeats it will take per night to get it to the length I would like it to be. And then I have to make the really BIG decision - to fringe, or not to fringe...? That is the question! LOL! I usually prefer fringe, but I don't know if this scarf calls for it. I have a few days to decide, or at least until I start the next ball. I really should cut the fringe first, just in case.

The hand dyed Malabrigo is making a nice unexpected colorway with the natural sections peeking through. It's about 13" now, more or less - but there is still a long way to go....

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