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Secret Pal Confusion....???
Thursday, February 09, 2006

-- Knit Olympics Team NEW YORK?? See post from Feb 5th! --

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday!!! Problem is - I don't know who it is from!! Now, I know it is from one of my Secret Pals, however - I have THREE this time - and I can't seem to tell which darling Pal sent this box of goodies!!

I began to open it and looked for some type of card or note but I couldn't seem to find any and then I noticed a card that came in the regular mail from my SP7 Janey Bond!! So I opened the card (before I finished opening the box) and her card says she will be sending a giftie but NOT to open it before Feb 14th!!
Ack! So now I have a half opened gift and I don't know if I should continue!! Here is a pic of the semi-opened package. There are some beautifully wrapped gifts that I am DYING to look at (not to mention some sugar free candy, which, I must admit, I already tried - YUM!) Who sent it? Can I continue to open...? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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