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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stage 1 of your mission successfully completed! (My SP7 has an ALIAS!!)

My first SP7 package has arrived! Woo Hoo! Check out this loot! I am being treated very well here!
First - and I didn't get the best picture of it - the envelope the gifties came in was covered in Teddy Bears - too cute! How nice to see that bright package waiting for me! And, and, and... the card that came with the gifties has a DOGGIE on it! Double yea! She also sent, now pay attention, a cute little note pad and pen set in the grooviest flower pattern, a little tin of mints that says "Crafty Girl" (I think - they are not in front of me as I write this), a plastic card with knitting abbriviations on it (very WISE! I am always needing help with deciphering patterns!), there's a book on how to knit cables & a set of INOX cable needles!! I see you were paying attention Ms. Bond! Look out Knit Olympics - I can't miss with these goodies in my corner!

And also -no, I'm not done yet- a darling little purse/clutch that I will use to carry my treasured knitting tools ((OK - how did my Fiber Goldmother AND my SP7 know I was a Bag Ho? - LOL))

And one last thing that I just *love* is a little stich marker/zipper pull thingy on the bag. I tried about 5 times to take a close-up pic of it without much luck - but it's just so pretty! It has beautiful little glass and pearl-like beads on it and hanging from the bottom is a silver ball of yarn with needles! I will keep it with the bag so I will have it with me whenever I knit!

This was a wonderful package 007!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

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