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Monday, January 23, 2006

I went antiquing this weekend! Yea me! This was not the greatest show, I've been to better (and worse!) But I did manage to buy something - I always do or I consider it a waste - what a terrible way of thinking!
Anyway, this is what I bought. It's a hot plate that plugs in and keeps your food or drink warm. The picture is of a hot air balloon and it was designed by George Briard who had his name on a bunch of home decor type items. (I own a set of glasses by him as well). It matches the vintage blue/green styling of my kitchen quite nicely. Things are getting a bit crowded in there, but that's another story!

I got some knitting done on Embrace as well. Train rides are good for knitting. And thank goodness for that as I completely passed out when I got home. No knitting, no nothing, just flopped on the couch for some tube and early to bed. I love living on my own!

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