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Bootie Progress
Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey - A bootie and 3/4 of another one! This must be a REALLY easy pattern since I was able to knit the whole second bootie at SnB with all the hullaballo that goes on there. I could have woven in the ends too, but I just didn't feel like it. (A lot of ends to weave in on this little knit cutie-bootie.) Then all I have to do is make an I-Cord for each and I'm done! (Now that I know the I-Cord secret - thanks Dani!)
I think I will secure the cords to the booties so they don't slip out - just to protect the baby.

All of this and the Mom these are intended for (I work with her) - who by the way isn't due until Feb 24th (my B-Day!!!!) - left work on Wednesday with early contractions and I don't think she will be back! sigh.... Maybe I will mail them to her (?)

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