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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hey knitting friends - check out the cool percent-complete-knitting-progress-bars I've just installed on the side of the blog!! I've seen a few other blogs with similar percentages and I've always thought it was cool. So last night I decided to flip a few blogs to see if I could figure out the code - and voila! - not only did I find the perfect code, but it is free and used with permission!

I've put a link in the "Credits" section at the bottom, but here it is in case you're interested: Unlikely Words. You can modify the colors and length, etc.

There are only three UFOs listed there, and one isn't even started, but they are all being knit with yarn from the CURRENT STASH! Yea me!

I'm gonna cast on the felted tote this weekend after I move my Stationary Bike (yes, you heard me - I'm going to start a workout!) into my apartment (easier said than done). I figure with such large, loose stitches and I'm gonna felt it anyway, that tote would be the perfect project to knit while I'm bicycling!!

Wish me luck - with the knitting and the bicycle!! LOL :)

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