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Booties done - whew!
Sunday, January 15, 2006

Glad they're totally done - I've been working on them too long. These were started in mid-Dec but I couldn't finish them then because "Christmas knitting" got in the way. (Somebody smack me if I do that again next year, OK?) Add the holiday delay to my naturally slow knit pace and here we are 1 month later with a completed weekend project. Actually, for a fast knitter, I could see these easily being completed in an evening.

On another note, I received the name of my Felted SP (or whatever it's called) today. Yea - another person to spoil!! I spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out and shopping for my other pals of the secret type. Got some good stuff so far, and more is coming in the mail. I hope they will all be pleased :) I would *love* to spill about some of the goodies, but, alas, if I don't keep my mouth shut - I'll give EVERYTHING away!!

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