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Team NEW YORK - Finally!!!
Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm sure you all know by now about the Harlot's Knit Olympics - and if you don't, where the heck have you been...?!

Well, I just stopped by her site for an update ((WE ARE NOW 2500 STRONG!!)) and was led to this site owned by a Librarian who is keeping track of all the "Teams" and buttons that go along with them. I myself already belong to Team USA, The Cable Team, Team Cheese (well, I can't eat chocolate and I don't drink wine...) and was looking to join another (Team Junkie? Who, Me?) maybe Team NY - and then I find out - much to my Horror - that there IS NO TEAM NEW YORK! I mean, how could that be, it's NEW YORK people, the capital of the WORLD! Something had to be done - and so here it is...

Rules to join? Oh well, if I must: (you should meet 1 or all criteria)

1. You must live in New York
2. You must have lived in New York at some time in your life
3. You must have visited New York
4. You must have dreamed of living in or visiting New York
5. You must love New York

If you are interested in joining, steal the button
(no "borrowing" and bandwidth issues, OK ?), and display proudly on your blog!
We New Yorkers are a proud bunch!
If you'd like, leave a comment here - include your blog address - and I'll post a list of Team Members on the side bar so we can visit the blogs and cheer each other on!


UPDATE: I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get comments to appear on the individual post link thing - !$%$@^#&! sigh....
So, if you're coming here from another blog and want to comment, you can go here:
Girl Gone Mod and scroll down to the post or you can send me an email at: gidgetgirl66 @ yahoo . com ...SORRY!

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