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Friday, February 10, 2006

Well, the Knitting Olympics have started - but I haven't... I was at work when the "Official" flame was lit (2:00p NY Eastern Standard) so I had to wait until after work to even think about it and then I needed food, and then I needed a gift for a friend, and so here I am now finally ready to start. OK, well, not start knitting, but start winding the hanks into balls (does anyone think I could have planned this better?) LOL!

In any case, I will start, and I will finish. And in time too. I will figure a way to do it and WITHOUT buying special yarn for the challenge (which is a challenge in itself)! I have beautiful Malabrigo wool that I bought months ago at Stitches East and never found a suitable project for - until now :)

The wool is actually a pretty bubblegum-rose pink (stupid camera!)

Pattern is ready, needles are ready (both straight & cable), stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needle, pins for blocking - all ready. I guess I am ready too!

Here's to the Knitting Olympics with knitters all over the WORLD - 4000 strong - Team USA, Team Cable, and the many, many teams that have formed in solidarity across the blogging universe - Good Luck!

And ESPECIALLY to Team NEW YORK - we started late, but we will finish strong! Visit each other's Blogs and show your support! If you don't have a blog and want to email me about your progress, please do :) I will be happy to post about it so others can share in your accomplishments!

....and as famed Olympics gymnastics coach Bela Karoli might say... "YOU CAN DO IT!"

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