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Friday, February 10, 2006

Countdown to the Knitting Olympics has started! If you're interested in joining Team NEW YORK there's still time! Actually, you've got plenty of time - until the flame goes out! Go down a couple of posts for details!

Well, I didn't hear from the sender of the package, but I did hear from my SP7 who advised me it wasn't from her - so it is OK to open now! Which I promptly did! I belive it is from my Felted SP, she told me something was in the mail. It's such nice package - I hope someone owns up to sending it soon!

So here are the details...! First - wrapped really nicely with an orange & pink tassel - was a set of knitting notecards and a cool looooong notebook for keeping knitting notes in! Great colors too! Then there is the really awesome Sugar Free candy!!! YEA!!! It's called "Almond Rocca" it's butterscotch toffee with chocolate and almonds. I am loving this - it's such a treat for me!! In one wrapped package were two skeins of RED Araucania Wool from Chile! I have never seen this wool in this color before - it's beautiful!
And in the last package was another skein of yarn - in BLUE - from Classic Elite called "Star". It is cotton with just a touch of lycra in it for movement! The blue yarn was wrapped in this awesome scarf in a groovy MOD geometric pattern of blues and greens! When I took this out of the package, I spent 5 minutes twirling around the room with it. (And if you think that statement is a stretch, then you don't know me very well! LOL!) It's about four feet long. Here's a pic of me wearing it as a cape - I mean, what else would a mod super-chick use? When the weather warms up, I will use it more appropriately as a scarf or wrap. I really love it - it's very "ME"!

Thank you Felted SP - You did a great job!

PS - A public thank you to Dani for the giftie she gave me last night. I won't post a pic for certain reasons, but I wanted people to know about her extreme thoughfulness! Good luck in the UFOlympics!

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