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Valentines SP7 Package
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Remember that unopened box from the last post....?

Well, it turned into this!

Which promptly turned into this......!

And wait! There's more!

Ready for the list of items...? (You had better have a comfortable seat)

Here we go: Cute little Valentine's pen that has maraboo, a spring loaded heart, and bubbles (to blow!); a magnetic note pad for shopping lists (and not FOOD store shopping, CLOTHING store shopping!); Valentine's socks; the most adorable stuffed pink poodle, which just about matches the Olympic scarf I am knitting so he will be my mascott; two simmering melty things and a votive in 'chocolate souffle' and 'white chocolate mint cookie'!; sugar-free peppermint mints in a sassy little tin; little sweater needle holders from Clover; "winter Candy Apple" body lotion from Bath & Body (already in use by me - yum!); a very special little stiffened crochet box (did you make this, Jane?) which had inside a SUPER necklace for holding glasses or a badge at work (I'll use it for my badge); AND, two skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Wild Violet!!!!!!!! and - oh heck - I almost forgot - the Burt's Bees set with Lip Shimmer, Hand Cream & Cuticle Cream - how did you know I wanted to try Burt's Bees?; and last (did you ever think I would get here?) but not least, a squishy pillow in the shape of a heart that has "Hug Me" embroidered on the front! And I DID FORGET the basket!! The Basket was part of the gift too!!

Jane Bond - you have completely outdone yourself! Well, worth the torture of holding that closed box in my apartment for a few days!!

I now know I am totally not treating my own Pals well enough!
I SO have to go shopping!!!

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