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Birthday Surprises!
Monday, February 27, 2006

*Warning* long post with pictures! :) But I think the end might be worth it!

Well, it's been a fun few days, let me tell you! The surprises started on Thursday with a generous gift from my Dad, and exceptional gifts from Dani (who also baked) and Mary and wonderful brithday wishes from all my friends!
On Friday, the actual B-Day, I was taken to lunch by the guys at work, I received a card from my cousin in France, a card and the cutest birthday bear from my SP7 (sorry, forgot to take a pic, but trust me - he's cute!), TWO e-cards from my Fiber Godmother - I especially liked the one sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O! and piles of gifts from my Mom who simply doesn't know how to stop! The haul included a cift certificate from Flying Fingers (great minds think alike, right Mary?!) And the Lantern Moon gifties below - a rubber needle vase and a pair of Palm wood needles! Man, are these things smooth! You have to feel them to believe them!

On Saturday, I went with my Mom to the City (that's Manhattan to anyone reading this from out of New York) because I just HAD TO GO to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square - it was well worth it! They don't sing there when it's your birthday - they SCREAM!!!! As in "HEY EVERYBODY! IT'S MY FRIEND VALERIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY AND I WANT EVERY ONE TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER ON THE COUNT OF THREE!!" All this while I'm standing there with a dish of ice cream with a candle in it and yea, everybody screamed back - LOL! It was fun, I love that stuff!

Then, the biggest surprise of all... Out of nowhere, this doll comes up to me and says "Hi, How are you....?" Um, huh? You mean me?
No, I'm not kidding - Geez, isn't he a cutie pie?
And no, he wasn't coming on to me either!

This is what he looked like in third grade (short kid, red shirt) at 8 years old, I was in fifth at age 10 - we played Jack and Jill in the school play and he remembered me!

Seriously, I can hardly remember what I had for dinner last night and he remembers me 26 years later - He was 8! We talked for a few minutes, he just moved back to NY from LA, and was on his way to an audition - he's an actor now... he gave me his
website address ...funny where life brings us!
Do you I suppose I should write to him?

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