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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well, we have finally made it to 45"..... YEA! Hey, I might finally make it to 60" and finish this scarf after all! I wasn't so sure for a while :)

Of course, there are a number of mistakes throughout. Well, at this point, less than five. I would have liked "0", but considering I am rushing this, and I am no expert to begin with, I'll live with errors in the single digits. In one place I reversed the Knits and Purls causing my seed stitch to look strangely like ribbing for a row or two... And there is one spot that looks like a miscrossed cable, or maybe an uncrossed cable, I'm not really sure, but I am leaving it as is. Why?

Two reasons:
1) It is sooooo far back now that frogging would put me out of medal contention. Hey - if the ice skaters can fall on their butts and still win a medal, I can have a miscrossed cable!
2) It happened because I was hanging out with my good friends who happen to be knitters. I should know better than to knit anything more complicated than straight stockinette when I am with them since we are such an animated bunch that I can't concentrate! When I look at this funny cable, I think of them, and that's cool.
Cue Warm & Fuzzy Feeling....! :)

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