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Friday, March 03, 2006

With all the talk of Knitting Olympics (GOLD by the way, check the medal on the sidebar) and Birthdays (no, I haven't written him yet!) I almost forgot about the fact that I signed up for PROJECT SPECTRUM!

This is a "no pressure project" as Lolly so eloquently puts it in her blog - and thank goodness, I'm done with pressure for awhile!

Each month is assigned a different color (or colors) and you are supposed to create something with that color. The best part is that the project can be in any medium you like: knitting, sewing, beading, drawing, cooking (why not!?) - I think the idea is GREAT!

March is the first month and the colors are Red/Pink. I haven't given too much thought to what I will create, but I am going to enjoy the process, whatever the final result ends up being!

I love color - it's so very much a part of me - I can't wait to get started!

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