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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First - let me draw your attention to the blog of my wonderful friend Dani! She is helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. If you have a few extra dollars - and if you have your health, aren't there people who need the dollars a bit more than you? - please donate something to the cause. And if good health isn't enough of a motivator, then how about a CONTEST?! Dani is giving away a lovely skein of handpainted yarn to the winner which was made especially for this contest. Second prize is a piece of woolly greatness right from her own personal stash!
You can find more details here where the contest has its' own personal page!!
And yes, I practice what I preach, I HAVE DONATED!

Second, I have joined Flat Scout! (also from Dani's blog - she has the coolest stuff there!) Ms. Scout is going to travel all over the world with pictures to prove it. I can't wait to show her around when she come to vist me! I think sign-ups may be closed by now, but go take a look anyway! I'll post pics when she arrives.

And last, for those of you who graced my home with your presence last month, take note that the wine situation has been improved!! I have since purchased actual wine glasses (no more plastic!) and even better, I have obtained a really nice corkscrew with the wingy things on the sides. Woo Hoo! The end of cork-in-the-bottle wine! Hey, I don't drink any alcoholic beverages so I ask for a little mercy in your judgement - LOL! But I do always want to be a good hostess so I upgraded my vino-related accoutrements. Next time (and there will be a "next time") sharing of the wine will be much easier!


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