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OK, OK - I'm back!
Monday, August 28, 2006

Yawn...... Well, it appears that I am back from a long summer's nap. I know mostly people take their "naps" in the winter, but I don't really like the summer and that garrish heat! So with the first cool weather of the season and a crop of brand new fall clothes in the stores, I feel RENEWED!! Yes, folks, I actually cleaned my apartment, and it was sorely in need of it too, and that was only due to the cool, rainy weather of the weekend. I know it's still August and the hot weather will be back, but if it's not sweltering and humid - I should be OK!

In between my last post and now a few things have happened including my Blogiversary and a new business (no, not the dog sitting thing), knitting stuff - stitch markers and needles. Well, for the time being, just the stitch markers since the needles are still in progress.... I have even actually already sold something on my Etsy shop! Very cool.

As for the Blogiversary, rather than an arribtrary date of celebration since I missed the real date, I will probably wait for the same date next month and celebrate then. I will have to think about some form of celebratory goodness... hmmmm....

What else? Well, the job front is stable right now. I realized it is only one person that really upsets me to the point of leaving. As long as I can avoid him, everything else is fine. Although, seriously, I really need a change of pace. My current company can provide that if they are willing to listen to my goals. In the mean time, I am considering signing up for a three day course of "Train the Trainer" where I will learn how to effectively train other people (corporate training, not working out). It's fairly costly, but I consider it an investment in ME. It seems to be the direction I am moving in, but I notice I am afraid to make my move since I only have limited experience in training. This course might give me the confidence I need.

OK - time to get back to work... I been typing here killing time waiting for my meeting to start. We meet for this project we are working on almost everyday. This chick hasn't shown up on time, ever...

AND, I was gonna toss a pic up here just for color and BLOGGER won't let me do it. I tried more than a half dozen times and I just don't care anymore. Hopefully, Blogger will have this crankiness out of its system by tomorrow! Harumph!

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