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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ha! Isn't this the COOLEST!? Couldn't resist posting it. I also love the annoyed expression on his face. I looked just like that this Saturday on the way back from NYC with no place to sit on the train. So I stood. And knitted. Yes, knitting standing up. Good thing knitting is a lightweight, portable hobby. I held my bag of yarn between my knees so I didn't have to rest it on the dirty train floor. Must have been quite a sight - LOL. But I was undeterred.

I was in the City for the greatest antique show on the planet. The Triple Pier Antiques Show! The prices aren't too good (in fact, most of the time, they're terrible) but you can see some rare, beautiful, unusual items that are normally only seen in books. You will be coveting what you see there for long after you leave. I always am.

Here's a bad pic of the flower pins I bought. I've got over 200+ but I keep forgetting to keep track when I get new ones. Maybe there's another book in here somewhere. Well, not for a while yet anyway....

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