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Official SP6 Day!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am declaring November 1st "Official SP6 Day!" Half of the fun of the whole SP thingy is in the giving - no really! Receiving is great of course, but giving is fun too. And once you've taken the time to pick out a gift for someone, you want to know it's liked and appreciated. Personally, I love seeing what I picked out for the person I am spoiling on her blog - it's a hoot!

Well my poor SP6 has kind of gotten the short end of the stick this time around and I wanted to make it up to her. Her gift arrived just as I was comming down with the worst cold I've had in years and I never properly thanked her or posted pics.

So here goes - THANK YOU SP! I just love my gifties! The whole package had the theme of learning to crochet - which I want to do very much. First, there are detailed instructions on how to crochet with different stitches and pics to match. Looks easy enough that I might actually be able to do it! Also, there was a crochet hook, some awsome sticky notes, a cute little card with a knitting theme, a pattern for a scarf - and (best for last!) yarn!! Beautiful ORANGE Egyptian cotton yarn - yea!! I've never knitted (or crocheted) with cotton before. AND - the yarn is from Greece. Too cool! I love being able to say "this bag was made with wool from Chile" or "the yarn for this scarf is from Italy" and now I can add Greece to the mix. Groovy.

Thanks again SP - more pics and thanks are on their way!

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