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December 1st
Thursday, December 01, 2005

Support World AIDS Day

Today is "World AIDS Day" - a good time to stop and remember all the people suffering and that it is preventable if you USE YOUR HEAD and
Thanks to Dani for turning me on to this.

Today, by the way, is also Dani's BIRTHDAY! Stop by her blog and say Hi!

Today is also the "anniversary" of the day I got engaged to my ex. He took me to see Santa and then we went to see this big Christmas tree by an ice skating rink where he proposed. It's a nice memory.

Today my rent is due and I totally forgot about it!
I hope my landlord doesn't come to collect until tomorrow!

Oh, wait, today is also SnB night! How could I forget that?
(Same way I forgot my rent, I suppose.)

Today also means that there are only 25 (24?) days left until Christmas...
and I had better get knitting!

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