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Friday, November 18, 2005

LOL - Boy, is THAT something I never thought I would be saying! Even if it is A JOKE!
Can someone please explain this to me? Don't the people I work with know I have knitting to do? *-big grin-* Everytime I think I am going to devote my lunch hour to important Christmas knitting, someone asks me to join them. Are they subversive? Can they read my mind? And, yes, I know I can politely turn them down, and on occasion, I have. But it is always to long faces and fake disappointment "See if I ever ask you to lunch again". Ugh.

I do find the stupidest things to complain about - last night it was that the comfy chair at Panera was interfering with my knitting since the long needles were hitting the poofy chair arms. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive about my knitting! Now I am making myself laugh - I am such a geek!

And you KNOW, that if no one was asking then I would be complaining about THAT! I really need a good talking to! HAHAHAHAHA... I wouldn't listen anyway...

*UPDATE* - 2 minutes after I posted this, someone ELSE asked me to lunch! I think it is a conspiracy! Really, there could be no other reason.

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