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Me? A Knitting Teacher?!?
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last night I had the opportunity to help out Rebecca teach her students to knit. The whole evening was a lot of fun! Missy & Jeannette were also there and Dani offered to drive me out to the Church which was very cool 'cause not only did I get to spend some extra time with her, but I got to meet one of the most wonderful doggies - Trinity! She's HUGE, but the most lovable pup you could ever meet.

As for the teaching, I started out a little rough (just because you know a subject, does NOT automatically make you a good TEACHER). But I got better as the night went on and I do think both girls actually learned how to knit! They were doing pretty good when I left. If I ever have the opportunity to teach again, I will be a little better at it - Hey, I guess I learned something too! Yea!

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