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Sweater - 11" and Counting!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The sweater is coming along nicely. I'm at about 11+ inches on the back - I have to get to 14 before I can begin the armhole & neck shaping. It's not going as fast as I'm used to since it is being knit on 9's and I am used to MUCH larger needles! LOL...
I knit whenever I can, a few rows at a time. Problem is, it's for my Mom and she is beginning to wonder why I haven't started the gifts I plan to knit for my Aunt & Uncle.... Um... Lazy? Can't tell HER I'm busy knitting HER Christmas present. I will just have to do them all at once - so what's wrong with 3 UFOs at one time... (4 if you count the C-Mas scarf I am making for myself, but let's not count that)

Christmas is so NOT my favorite holiday. Last year, I really didn't decorate, just put up the Nativity and my stocking and I think that was it. Too much money spent on too much stuff. I like the idea of a handmade gift, but I wish I had started a little earlier, like March! I have given myself from Thanksgiving to the first weekend in December to get the rest of my shopping done. That way, maybe I can ENJOY the season for once!

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