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Felting Weekend
Friday, September 16, 2005

I have finished the Marsupial Tote from the first "Stitch N Bitch" - actually I finished it before I went to Vegas. It was supposed to be my 'vacation project' but it wazs done the night before I left, so I knit squares instead while I was away. It knit up so quick! Of course, I was using two strands of chunky weight yarn... it only took four days (and would have taken less if I was a faster knitter). It was a lot of fun and for a simple project and it taught me many new things including how to pick up stitches, changing yarn colors, single strand cast on for the handle AND it was my first time knitting in the round! Oh, and of course, it will be my first time felting too. So this weekend I will travel to Mom's house and steal her washer for a bit (don't want to do this at a laundromat). Wish me luck!

This is the "before" picture with some flowers I might add if they come out OK.

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