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Stitches & Home Again
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back from Stitches and I had so much fun! I was extremely overwhelmed with all the choices. The prices were only average, but much more selection than I had ever seen before and all in one place! OMG! Definitely too many choices. Usually, when I am faced with so much to choose from, I am afraid to buy the wrong thing, or too much or something I won’t be happy with later, so I buy very little if anything at all. But this time I “stuck to the plan” and bought a handful of things that I am very happy with.

  • 9 hanks of Malabrigo (pink, blue, orange) **

  • 3 hanks of Manos (natural, black)

  • 1 hank purple/yellow colorway wool “Pulled Taffy”

  • 1 ball Berroco “Plush” in pink

  • Felted sheep pattern from Fiber Trends

  • Beads for stitch markers (Orange!)

  • wooden sheep pin

  • ”Knit ‘n Style” magazine (December 05)

  • an SP6 giftie that I can’t mention here ;)

I decided in order to keep things a bit more simple, I wouldn’t purchase any books because I felt that was something I could probably get somewhere else without too much trouble. But I did find one, “Knitting Embellishments,” that I put on my Amazon list. There were so many other things I wanted, but I ran out of money! I think I was a bit unprepared for the selection of yarn and patterns. Should I be lucky enough to go again next year, I will know more of what I want and be less of a “kid in a candy store” - LOL

Pictures to follow….

**Malabrigo – the SOFTEST wool around today – possibly ever!

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