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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So, I'm new to knitting - about 3-4 months now - and I think it's the greatest thing! In just a short time I've found so many great patterns and so much OUTRAGEOUS YARN that I just want to be knitting all the time and make every sweater & coat I see. Of course, I've only managed a couple of scarves and shawl so far, but I'm getting there.... Quite honestly, it's really nice to have a hobby that doesn't keep me connected to the computer all the time. Knitting is so portable - and you can do it by candlelight if the power goes out - LOL! And I've met some wonderful people at a weekly SnB too!
I'm going on a mini vacay this weekend and now I get the fun of deciding what projects to pack!! I plan on visiting a few new yarn stores as well - wheee!

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